Modern family mediation

Mediation is an increasingly popular and effective approach to resolving family disputes, using face-to-face discussion, rather than the courts.  It can also be a useful tool to help those planning a family to discuss and agree the issues in a productive and collaborative way.

Our ethos at NGA Law is all about helping clients to find positive solutions. Clients choosing mediation stay in control of the decision-making process. We believe that you have a right to help decide what works for you and your family, and we offer mediation services for clients in a range of circumstances.  In particular we specialise in cases involving same-sex couples, non-traditional families and assisted reproduction.

Helen and Suzi are both qualified mediators.    

Mediation for family disputes  

Since 2011, the law in England has required people who are divorcing or in dispute about arrangements for a child to consider mediation before resorting to legal proceedings.  If you want to apply for a court order relating to children or money in family disputes, you’ll first need to explore whether mediation is right for you and your situation.  

Clients in mediation work under a skilled mediator’s guidance to identify the issues, acknowledge disagreements, hear each other's point of view and develop alternative solutions to arrive at the best solution. You may still be angry with one another, but you will trust the mediator to be fair and focused to help you both in equal measure.  

The result is a process – and a set of results – that stays in the hands of the clients, making it less expensive and often less harrowing than the ‘adversarial’ court alternative.  

Mediated family-building agreements

We also help those planning families through known donation and co-parenting arrangements, with a special mediation service to help you put in place a written pre-conception agreement.

A mediator (unlike a solicitor providing legal advice who can only advise one party) can sit down with all the prospective adults who will be involved in the child's parenting together in the same room.  There is no dispute, but an experienced professional mediator can help guide your discussions and ensure you talk about key issues so your expectations are aligned.  We find that mediation is a positive and collaborative process to putting in place a pre-conception agreement which helps you set strong foundations for your future parenting.