Assisted reproduction disputes

Our services include: girl kneeling forward

    • Known donor and co-parenting disputes
    • Surrogacy disputes
    • Disputes following the breakdown of relationships of the parents of children conceived through assisted reproduction
    • Disputes about stored embryos, eggs or sperm
    • Legal advice/representation
    • Mediation

The UK's first fertility law firm, we have long experience handling disputed cases involving assisted reproduction.  We acted for the lesbian parents in the landmark donor dispute case of Re G and Re Z (2013) (the first known sperm donor to apply for contact where both lesbian partners were legal parents) and advised Andy Bathie and Mark Langridge, sperm donors pursued for maintenance in high-profile cases.  We also acted for Melanie and Robert Gladwin in their high profile battle to save their embryos from destruction in 2009, and for internationally reported case of Re M in which our clients successfully sued the HFEA to allow them to take their deceased daughter's eggs overseas for treatment.  In H v S (Surrogacy Arrangement) 2015, we successfully represented a same-sex couple who won a 15 month High court battle for care of their daughter, against the wishes of her birth mother who the court found had deceived them and then mounted a campaign to exclude them from the baby's life.

We aim to avoid court proceedings wherever possible (and offer alternative dispute resolution services, including specialist mediation), but provide heavyweight specialist legal representation in court where needed.