Our services include:

  • Surrogacy planning legal advice (UK and international)
  • Parental order (and alternative) court applications
  • Immigration and British nationality for children born abroad
  • Specialist wills
  • Surrogacy disputes
  • Expert advice for professionals and policymakers

Our team has unique experience, having worked with over 800 UK families created through surrogacy in more than 30 different jurisdictions.  We have handled nearly all the landmark  surrogacy cases which have shaped UK law in recent years, including the first parental order made after international surrogacy, and the first UK gay dads to be awarded care following a surrogacy dispute.  In April 2012 the former shadow Secretary of State for Health described us in the House of Commons as "the leading lawyers in this field who have conducted more surrogacy cases and seen through more parental orders than any other lawyers in this country".

We are heavily involved in making positive change, and are also proud to have won changes to UK surrogacy law: on British nationality, embryo storage, same-sex parenting, HFEA practice and maternity leave. 

In 2013 our team also launched Brilliant Beginnings, a non profit making UK surrogacy agency which gives practical support for UK and international surrogacy, and campaigns to support families and raise awareness.