Fertility treatment law

ABC on a hook railOur services include:

  • Posthumous conception
  • Embryo and gamete storage
  • Export/ import of gametes and embryos
  • Transgender and non-binary parenthood issues 
  • HFEA regulation for patients, including mitochondrial donation

The UK's first fertility law firm, we have specialist expertise in how the law governs fertility treatment issues for patients at UK licensed fertility clinics, and have been involved in leading UK fertility law cases.  In 2009, we secured a permanent change to the law allowing embryos to be stored for surrogacy longer than five years. We also represented the applicants in the internationally high profile case of M v HFEA, which successfully challenged the HFEA's decision not to allow a potential grandmother to use her deceased daughter's eggs in treatment.  We have also represented parents through sperm donation seeking declarations of parentage from the President of the Family Division to secure their status following administrative mistakes at UK fertility clinics.