Donor conception and co-parenting

We can help with all aspects of UK law for parents conceiving with the help of a donor or co-parent, and for egg and sperm donors who want to understand or safeguard their legal status.

We offer legal services to help you if you are planning donor conception or co-parenting, or if you have a donor-conceived child.

Our legal services related to donor conception

Book a legal review with donor conception solicitor

We usually arrange a fixed fee Legal Review with an experienced donor conception law solicitor in the first instance. If you are planning a family, we can help you understand who will be your child’s legal parents and what can be recorded on your child’s birth certificate, as well as guiding you on what you need to do with clinic forms and at birth registration. If you are conceiving with a known donor or co-parent, we can also advise you on managing the relationship successfully, and what might happen if your relationship breaks down. If you already have a child, we can advise you on your situation and any legal steps available to you to resolve problems or secure your status.

Contact us to arrange a meeting in person or by Skype or telephone. You can fill in our contact form, call us on +44 (0) 20 3701 5915 or email us.

Known donation agreements, co-parenting agreements and other pre-conception agreements

If you are planning a known donation agreement or co-parenting arrangement, we can help you set strong foundations by advising you and helping you put in place a known donor agreement or a co-parenting agreement. While not legally binding, a written agreement is clear evidence and may carry weight in court if there is a dispute. Putting one in place also minimises the risk of mismatched expectations which are often the seeds of later dispute.

We offer template pre-conception agreements which you can buy from us to complete yourselves (with or without personal legal advice). We also offer more bespoke advice services where we meet with you to discuss your personal situation and prepare a bespoke donor conception agreement or co-parenting agreement for you. These services are charged on a fixed fee basis.

Contact us to purchase a template known donor agreement or coparenting agreement, or to arrange a legal review. You can fill in our contact form, call us on +44 (0) 20 3701 5915 or email us.

Legal help with clinic donation

If you conceive with an unknown egg or sperm donor or act as a donor at a UK fertility clinic, the law should be straightforward. However, issues sometimes arise, including doubts about legal parenthood where fertility clinics have made errors with legal forms.

We have successfully represented parents in leading cases heard in the High Court, helping them to secure legal parenthood after administrative errors at fertility clinics meant that they may not be the legal parents of their own children.

We also deal with a range of other issues related to donor conception at fertility clinics, including storage issues, information rights, disputes and legal processes to secure parenthood for parents who are not automatically legal parents. We can provide legal advice, and represent you in discussions with your clinic or in the family court.

Specialist wills for donor conception

We prepare specialist wills for parents through donor conception and co-parenting. As well as giving us an understanding of the family dynamics involved, our long experience means that we can deal with any law quirks to make sure that you protect your child and any parents who are not formally legal parents.

Our easy remote service enables you to make or update your wills via telephone/Skype and email, for a fixed fee.

Disputes relating to donor conception and co-parenting

Find out more about how we help with disputes relating to known donation and co-parenting