Adoption law

Adoption is a court order which makes someone a child’s full legal parent. As adoption lawyers, we can advise you on the legal aspects of adopting a child in England and Wales (or internationally), and provide support or legal representation services through the court process, as well as helping you resolve British nationality issues for your child.

How we help as adoption law solicitors

We can advise you on the legal aspects of adoption if you are:

  • Adopting an unrelated child in the UK or from overseas

  • Adopting a child who is a relative (whether in the UK or overseas)

  • Adopting your step child

  • Adopting your child if you are an LGBT parent or if your child was conceived through assisted reproduction and the law does not recognise you as a legal parent.

Our services as adoption law solicitors

Our adoption solicitors can give you strategic legal advice. Our initial fixed fee Legal Review can help you decide whether adoption is the right way forward, how to get an adoption order and what other legal issues you need to think about. We can help you with:

Adoption in the UK

International adoption

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Looking for more information about adoption law?

Our free online Knowledge Centre contains information and resources about adoption law, including: