16 Jun, 2015


High Court rules against parents seeking to use their late daughter’s frozen eggs

Natalie Gamble Associates has been in the news again this week, having represented the parents of a brave and determined young woman who died following bowel cancer in her late

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04 Feb, 2015


Parliament votes to allow ‘three person’ IVF to eradicate mitochondrial disease

The UK Parliament decided yesterday to change the law to allow a new kind of fertility treatment, which involves groundbreaking scientific techniques to prevent mitochondrial disease. The decision marks the

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30 Mar, 2014

c_small girl wearing a pink knitted hat

HFEA reports all time high for lesbian couples conceiving at UK fertility clinics

The UK’s fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, has published its annual report on statistics and trends in UK fertility treatment.  One of the headline points this year

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17 Jan, 2014

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More time needed to decide whether to harvest sperm from man in a coma, court rules

The High Court has suspended an emergency order authorising sperm to be collected from a man in a coma. The man unexpectedly suffered a cardiac arrest late last year, which put him in

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01 Oct, 2013


New HFEA rules on surrogacy come into force today

The HFEA’s new Code of Practice, which comes into force today, contains new guidance for UK fertility clinics dealing with surrogacy cases.  The changes affect how clinics deal with the

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21 Aug, 2013


UK woman conceives with dead husband’s sperm abroad

The press has reported the case of a UK woman who has won permission from the HFEA to have her deceased husband’s sperm exported abroad for IVF treatment after his

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07 Apr, 2013


HFEA to update surrogacy guidance to UK clinics

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has voted to update the guidance it gives to UK fertility clinics on surrogacy. The new Code of Practice will:  clarify what UK clinics

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28 Jul, 2010


HFEA set to be abolished as part of government’s slash of quangos

The government announced this week that the HFEA was one of several quangos set to be axed, as part of the government’s bid to cut costs and reduce the UK’s

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