30 Mar, 2014

c_small girl wearing a pink knitted hat

HFEA reports all time high for lesbian couples conceiving at UK fertility clinics

The UK’s fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, has published its annual report on statistics and trends in UK fertility treatment.  One of the headline points this year

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29 Mar, 2014

c_cluster of balloons

First same sex weddings in England and Wales

Rainbow flags are flying at Westminster and outside town halls across the country today, as same sex couples say their vows and make history. As lawyers, we know that marriage

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21 Mar, 2014

c_small child sat on a swing

High Court deals with legal mess after parents through UK surrogacy separate

A three year old boy born through surrogacy has been left in legal limbo after his parents separated without getting a parental order. The boy had been born through a UK

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17 Mar, 2014

c_woman making a heart shape with her hands

Widow wins legal fight to extend sperm storage

Congratulations to Beth Warren, who has won her High Court battle to continue storing her husband’s sperm, overturning a Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority ruling that the sperm would have to

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