26 Apr, 2010


Have your say – major HFEA review of donation policies

A message from the HFEA: Over the summer and autumn of 2010 the HFEA will be reviewing a number of its policies relating to sperm, egg and embryo donation. The

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06 Apr, 2010


Completion of the UK’s new fertility laws welcomed today

The last piece of the government’s flagship Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 came into force today, completing the first major overhaul of the UK’s fertility laws in twenty years.

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06 Apr, 2010


Today’s Guardian – Couples who pay surrogate mothers could lose right to raise the child

By Denis Campbell, health correspondent. Published in the Guardian, Monday 5 April 2010 Childless couples who acquire a baby using a surrogate mother abroad risk not being recognised as its

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02 Apr, 2010


Going solo: fertility treatment options and the law for women starting a family on their own

Published in BioNews 551, 29 March 2010 It’s tough to get life sorted as a modern woman. Education, work and finances now commonly take women well into their thirties before

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