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Fertility treatment law guidance

Want to know more about the law on fertility treatment in the UK? - Read our pages on the law regulating fertility clinics, consent to treatment and storage, storage periods for embryos and gametes and the law on embryo testing

Want to know the rules on conceiving if you are in an unusual situation?  Read our pages on posthumous conception (conceiving with the eggs or sperm of someone who has died), and transsexual reproduction

In dispute with a former partner?  Find out more about embryo and gamete disputes

How we can help you

Natalie Gamble Associates is the only solicitors' firm in the UK to specialise in fertility law, and we have helped thousands of people building families through fertility treatment. Find out more about our fertility law services or contact us.  We can:

  • Advise you on how the law affects your situation, whether in relation to treatment issues, consent forms, embryo and gamete storage, import and export of gametes or embryos, or posthumous conception
  • Help you plan your family if you are a transsexual prospective parent
  • Provide impartial family-building advice on options and how to navigate the fertility sector
  • Provide training and advice to fertility clinics, government bodies, charities and other professionals working in the sector on patient treatment issues.

Here is some of the previous work we have done:

Mother to freeze egs so her infertile daughter, 2, can one day give birth to her own brother or sister - The Daily Mail, 11 January 2011

Embryo storage u-turn allows couples chance of parenthood - Daily Telegraph, 9 September 2009

Woman cancer survivor told she cannot keep frozen embryos - Daily Telegraph, 7 August 2009

Pro-life MPs threaten access to IVF - The Guardian, 11 May 2008

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, 19 November 2007 - John Humphrys interview with Natalie Gamble and Baroness Deech on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill and the ‘need for a father'

Resources to help you

You can read the law and case law here:

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008

Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Statutory Storage Period for Embryos and Gametes) Regulations 2009

Evans v Amicus Healthcare Ltd 2004-2006 – Natalie Evans, who sought to use embryos created with her former partner’s sperm without his consent.*

Read articles we have written about fetility treatment issues:

Fertility tourism: what you need to know from a legal perspective (Infertility Network UK magazine, Winter 2010)

Morally straightforward but legally complex: a welcome change to the new embryo storage rules (Bionews, 14 September 2009)

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008: revolution or evolution? (Family Law, August 2009)

Embryo testing and PGD (Infertility Network UK magazine, summer 2009)

Access other websites with good information abbout fertility treatment:

HFEA - the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is the UK's regulatory body for fertility treatment; it licenses and oversees fertility clinics in the UK. 

Infertility Network UK - a leading UK charity which provides support to patients on all aspects of fertility treatment.

Fertility Friends - a massive online community of fertility patients, where those going through fertility treatment share information and support using online forums.

Bionews - a publication with all the latest news and comments on bioethics and fertility treatment issues, sent out by email and on the Web and read widely by those interested in the fertility sector.

British Infertility Counselling Association - the professional association of infertility counsellors.



* Case transcripts reproduced by kind permission of Westlaw UK