Natalie Gamble Associates

Fertility treatment law services

  • Posthumous conception
  • Embryo and gamete storage
  • Export/ import of gametes and embryos
  • Transgender parenthood
  • HFEA regulation for patients

We help individuals with the law on fertility treatment.  We advise on what is permissible under UK law (and HFEA regulation), and on the legal position in respect of embryos and gametes and how they can be used, stored and imported/exported. 

We have been involved in leading UK cases on embryo storage and posthumous conception, including winning a change to the law allowing embryos to be stored for surrogacy for longer than five years in 2009.

We also advise on parenthood issues, including posthumous conception cases and for transgender parents who have legally changed gender.  We represent individuals in discussions with fertility clinics and applications to the HFEA, where appropriate.