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UK agency adoption

If you can offer a home to an unrelated child who needs one, you might be considering adopting one child, or a sibling group.  Children available for adoption in the UK come from a wide variety of backgrounds and you will need to consider what kind of child you would be able to care for.  A child available for adoption might have been relinquished by their birth parents, or might have been taken into care and placed for adoption by a local authority.  Looked-after childr...

UK agency adoption: the process

The first step is for you to make contact with an adoption agency, which could be a local authority or a voluntary adoption society.  The agency will provide you with information and might ask you to attend an information session.  If you decide to work with them, you can formally apply to be assessed.  Find out more about eligibility for UK adoption. The home study assessment You will then be allocated a social worker who will assess you in accordance with the regulations....

Court form: Adoption application Form A58

Form A58 is the court form you need to apply for adoption in the UK, whether a step-parent/partner adoption or an unrelated adoption. You can find the application form and accompanying notes here.

NGA publication: Stonewall Pregnant Pause guide for lesbian and bisexual women

Natalie wrote the legal sections of Stonewall's well-known guide for lesbian couples considering starting a family together. It contains useful information on all the things to consider if you are thinking of starting a family.

NGA publication: Stonewall Gay Dads Guide

Gay rights charity Stonewall has produced a guide for gay dads starting a family. We were proud to help write the sections on surrogacy and co-parenting.

Resources: Adoption and Children Act 2002

The Adoption and Child Act 2002 sets out the law, eligibility criteria and process for applying for adoption in the UK.