20 Oct, 2011


HFEA shift on donor payments will make little difference

The HFEA announced yesterday that, after an extensive public consultation and review, the system for paying egg and sperm donors in the UK is changing.  Instead of donors being paid

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23 Aug, 2011


UK Donor Link threatened with closure

We are dismayed and alarmed by news that funding may be withdrawn from UK Donor Link, an organisation which provides vital support to donor conceived people conceived in the UK

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16 Aug, 2011


NGDT wants to hear donors’ voices

The National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT) are running a Donor Satisfaction Survey on the back of some poor feedback from prospective egg and sperm donors.  They asked for our support

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19 Jul, 2010


Times article on unregulated fertility sites quotes Natalie Gamble

By Mark Bridge, The Times, Saturday 17 July 2010 Shadowy world of web’s unregulated fertility sites Unregulated “fertility” websites that put their members in touch with sperm donors for a

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02 Apr, 2010


Going solo: fertility treatment options and the law for women starting a family on their own

Published in BioNews 551, 29 March 2010 It’s tough to get life sorted as a modern woman. Education, work and finances now commonly take women well into their thirties before

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