15 Nov, 2011


Parents to baby Hope talk to the Independent about why they chose US surrogacy

Today’s Independent features a piece by Alice Jolly, mother to daughter Hope who was born through a surrogacy arrangement in the US, and who we are proud to be working

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31 Oct, 2011


ABA Conference in Las Vegas brings together fertility lawyers from across the globe

Natalie and Helen were delighted to attend the American Bar Association’s Family and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) conference in Las Vegas (26-29 October 2011).  The conference brought together the world’s leading experts in assisted

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21 Oct, 2011


An interesting perspective on the HFEA’s decision from the USA

We thought some of you may be interested in this response to the HFEA’s decision from Julie Shapiro in the USA, who writes an excellent blog on assisted reproduction law at

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20 Oct, 2011


HFEA shift on donor payments will make little difference

The HFEA announced yesterday that, after an extensive public consultation and review, the system for paying egg and sperm donors in the UK is changing.  Instead of donors being paid

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29 Sep, 2011


Adopting babies in the UK is getting more difficult

Today’s news about the diminishing numbers of babies being adopted in the UK does not at all surprise us.  The BBC has today reported that only 60 children under one

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23 Aug, 2011


UK Donor Link threatened with closure

We are dismayed and alarmed by news that funding may be withdrawn from UK Donor Link, an organisation which provides vital support to donor conceived people conceived in the UK

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16 Aug, 2011


NGDT wants to hear donors’ voices

The National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT) are running a Donor Satisfaction Survey on the back of some poor feedback from prospective egg and sperm donors.  They asked for our support

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24 Sep, 2010


Scrapping the HFEA is a mistake

We think that the government’s recent decision to scrap the HFEA is a big mistake, aimed only at short term cost savings. The HFEA has led the world in fertility

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28 Jul, 2010


HFEA set to be abolished as part of government’s slash of quangos

The government announced this week that the HFEA was one of several quangos set to be axed, as part of the government’s bid to cut costs and reduce the UK’s

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