08 Jan, 2016


What happens when a couple with frozen embryos divorces?

In a recent Californian case, a judge ordered that a divorced couple’s frozen embryos should be destroyed. The embryos were created after the ex-wife, Lee’s, diagnosis of breast cancer, as

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07 Sep, 2012


NGA part of HFEA National Donation Strategy Group

The UK’s regulator of fertility treatment, the HFEA, undertook a wide ranging public consultation last year, which looked at the barriers and motivations to egg and sperm donation in the

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31 Oct, 2011


ABA Conference in Las Vegas brings together fertility lawyers from across the globe

Natalie and Helen were delighted to attend the American Bar Association’s Family and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) conference in Las Vegas (26-29 October 2011).  The conference brought together the world’s leading experts in assisted

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17 Sep, 2009


Law Society lawyer of the week

The Gazette, published each week and sent to all solicitors in the UK, has chosen Louisa as this week’s featured lawyer of the week. It follows Natalie and Louisa’s success

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10 Aug, 2009


Embryo dispute case in the news

The Daily Telegraph have featured a case we are acting in involving a couple from Gloucester who are fighting to save their stored embryos. A question of timing means that

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22 Jul, 2009


Embryo storage law leaves some parents out in the cold

Natalie Gamble was quoted in the Sunday Times on 5 July (and in the Daily Mail on 6 July) on problems raised by the government’s proposed new embryo storage laws.

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