02 Oct, 2014

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Surrogacy transformed my life, but is it morally acceptable?

In 2011, the NGA team helped Alice Jolly and her husband to complete their family through US surrogacy after an incredibly difficult journey of repeated miscarriages and stillbirth.  Alice is a novelist

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22 Aug, 2014


Baby Gammy case sparks debate about surrogacy law reform

We have been busy over the last few weeks speaking to the media about the baby Gammy case and why surrogacy law needs to be brought up to date.  Amidst a

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29 Mar, 2014

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First same sex weddings in England and Wales

Rainbow flags are flying at Westminster and outside town halls across the country today, as same sex couples say their vows and make history. As lawyers, we know that marriage

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15 May, 2012


A guide for single dads building families

For single prospective dads, the decision between surrogacy, adoption and co-parenting is a tough one, with each option having its own benefits and pitfalls. First, ask yourself the question –

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14 May, 2012


Egg donor recruitment – what’s wrong with students donating?

There was press coverage over the weekend about a UK egg donor agency which has been leafleting students at Cambridge University to try and recruit egg donors.  The tabloid coverage was yawningly predictable

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10 Feb, 2012


How to avoid a known donor dispute

The courts are all talking about same sex parenting disputes.   The Court of Appeal has this week been hearing from a donor applying for contact with his biological son

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21 Oct, 2011


An interesting perspective on the HFEA’s decision from the USA

We thought some of you may be interested in this response to the HFEA’s decision from Julie Shapiro in the USA, who writes an excellent blog on assisted reproduction law at

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20 Oct, 2011


HFEA shift on donor payments will make little difference

The HFEA announced yesterday that, after an extensive public consultation and review, the system for paying egg and sperm donors in the UK is changing.  Instead of donors being paid

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08 Aug, 2011


Your surrogate will keep the baby, won’t she?

So many clients tell us that this is the question they are asked when they tell their friends – and even their fertility doctors – that they are considering surrogacy.  Is

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28 Dec, 2010


Congratulations to Elton John and David Furnish

Many congratulations to Elton John and David Furnish on the arrival of their son Zachary, born through a surrogacy arrangement in California on Christmas Day. Important changes to the law

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