BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour debates whether the UK should allow commercial surrogacy



Natalie was interviewed on this morning’s Woman’s Hour by Jenni Murray, in a debate about whether it is time for UK law on payments for surrogacy to be updated.  Responding to the comments made by High Court judge Mr Justice Hedley on last weeks’ World at One (about several cases in which we acted for the parents), Woman’s Hour considered how the UK should respond to the growing phenomenon of Brits going abroad for surrogacy. 

Working with many parents conceiving through international surrogacy arrangements, we know very well how difficult the current law is for  families, and the risks it poses for newborn children who can be stranded stateless and parentless in a foreign country.  Natalie was interviewed on the programme together with Kim Cotton, surrogate mother and founder of COTS, and Lecturer in Ethics Anna Smajdor.  You can listen to the debate at

There is more information on our website about surrogacy law and about the reasons why we think the current surrogacy laws need changing.

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