Stonewall publishes guide to the new laws on gay parenting

We have worked with leading gay rights organisation Stonewall to produce a guide to the new laws on gay and lesbian parenting, called Parenthood for Same Sex Couples. Funded by the Big Lottery Fund, the guide aims to provide clear information to service providers about the law on same sex conception and parenting, including donor insemination (and the new legal rights for lesbian couples to be named on birth certificates), co-parenting arrangements, and UK and international surrogacy for gay men. The guide will be distributed to key service providers nationally (including law centres) and is available on the Stonewall website.

We are delighted to have helped with this project, as we think it is vitally important for there to be good and widespread understanding of the UK’s new fertility laws which rightly recognise gay and lesbian couples as parents of children they conceive together.

Read ‘Parenthood for Same Sex Couples’.

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More information on donor insemination and co-parenting law from our website.

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